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Custom 3D Printed Picks

Custom 3D Printed Picks

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Elevate your guitar playing with our custom 3D printed picks. Crafted from durable material, each pick is highly customizable with your choice of thickness, shape, and personalized design. Our advanced printing technology allows for intricate details, giving you a unique accessory that also enhances your performance.

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Stand out from the crowd and play with confidence using our custom 3D printed guitar picks.


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Are these better than regular picks?

Absolutely Yes! The body of them plays very smoothly across the strings (almost no "Thwap" or unwanted Crunch on the winding)

The text also provides incredible grip regardless of conditions

When will my order arrive?

Orders usually take 2-4 days to prepare (they're all custom and hand-made), and usually between 5 and 15 days to show up at your doorstep once shipped

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment providers, including: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, and more

If you want to pay via bank transfer, please email

How much is shipping?


Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes! If you buy 2 or more lots of 100 picks, you'll get an automatic 30% discount on each set

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kev Lamb
Best Custom Pics Available

The owner is super responsive on contact, and communicates throughout the whole process, from design,to progress,to completion. The attention to detail is why 251 deserves much more business. Thanks Mate!


They're small and not .80mm thickness.


I paid for this order and never received it and can never get a hold of anyone for a refund

Gary Alford
High quality picks

My picks are even better than I had imagined. Very Very nice. Great product. Definitely seven star quality of product and service. Thanks a lot.

Mike Qurrey
Great product with great service.

The custom picks are really good . They play well. I’m ordering again 100 pieces but may go with a lighter gauge.
Customer service was also very good . James kept me in the loop