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Hey there, I'm James Dent...

👉A few years ago, I was a struggling musician, grinding away at open mics week after week, all in the name of "exposure." I was living the artist's dream – broke and barely making ends meet.

I Made 6 Figures(!)

Eventually, my journey transformed from struggle to triumph, earning over $100,000 as a musician in my twenties. What's unique is that I was orchestrating these opportunities myself, mastering the art of booking along the way.

Now I'll Teach You

Today, my mission is to share the insights and secrets I've unearthed on this journey. Through this course, I'm offering you the chance to follow the path I wish I'd found earlier. Every strategy, every technique, and every lesson I've learned is encapsulated in this course.

I'm CERTAIN You Can Do It

👉 My story is a testament to the potential within every musician. It's a reminder that transformation is possible, even when the odds seem stacked against you

Are you ready to get some gigs? The decision is yours.


    ❌ No Gigs
    ❌ Stage Confidence Lacking
    ❌ Bad Social Media
    ❌ Spend Money To Play
    ❌ Music Industry Complexity
    ❌ No Network
    ❌ Fierce Competition
    ❌ Passion Unprofitable
    ❌ Open Mic Stagnation


    ✅ High-Paying Gigs
    ✅ Elevated Stage Presence
    ✅ Effective Music Marketing
    ✅ Steady Income From Music
    ✅ Easy Music Industry Navigation
    ✅ Wider Networking Reach
    ✅ Standout in Competition
    ✅ Turn Passion into Profit

What You'll Learn

Step 1: Prepare

Lesson 1: Mindset
Lesson 2: Finding Venues
Lesson 3: Your Social Media
Lesson 4: Action Steps

Step 2: Practice

Lesson 1: What Songs Do You Need
Lesson 2: Learning The Songs
Lesson 3: How To Play The Songs
Lesson 4: Action Steps

Step 3: Present

Lesson 1: Build Your Offer
Lesson 2: How to Contact Venues
Lesson 3: Email and Phone Scripts
Lesson 4: Example Venue Booking
Lesson 5: Action Steps

Step 4: Perform

Lesson 1: Gig Etiquette
Lesson 2: Nailing The Gig
Lesson 3: After The Gig
Lesson 4: Action Steps

What's Included:

✅ Book More Gigs Course
✅ Phone & Email Scripts
✅ Sell-Out Show System
✅ Fear Free Musician Training
✅ Special Bonus Valued at $397

Total Value: $594


Take Advantage of This Exclusive Offer and Save $427

I know what you're thinking. "This won't work for me, because [insert excuse here]".

💔 It's time to face the consequence of inaction. Every day you wait is a day lost, a gig missed, and an opportunity gone forever. The cost of not taking action now is far greater than the investment in your future.

Well, if it somehow doesn't end up working, you get your money back.

Here are the guarantees:

Guarantee 1: New gig in 30 days, or your money back
Guarantee 2: If you don't try, you'll stay exactly where you are

Unlock Your True Potential as a Gigging Musician

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to elevate your music career. Enroll NOW and take the stage with confidence, create mesmerizing melodies, and make your mark in the music industry.


What Level Musician Do I Need To Be?

This course will help you whether you're looking for your 1st gig or 500th! You should be able to play a few songs on your instrument, at a minimum

Can I Get My Money Back?

Absolutely! We have a 30-Day Guarantee/Challenge. If you complete the whole course and don't get a gig, you'll get a full refund

Will this Work for my Genre?

Absolutely! The course is focused on general principles, and will work for any genre

Why is it So Expensive?

Well, it's actually cheap! You can expect to make $200/gig within just a few months, so the course will pay for itself many times over!

More Questions?